I would highly recommend anyone looking for help to lose weight and make healthier nutrition and food choices to contact Erin. She’s very professional and extremely knowledgeable especially in regards to nutrition. It’s evident with amount of time and dedication Erin puts into her work that she takes great pride in her profession and cares about her clients. Erin has helped me in every aspect of my nutrition and even spent the time to help me come up with meal plans. You won’t find a more dedicated, hard working, and caring person than Erin and I would highly recommend her.
— Ben, Boston
An encouraging and dedicated spirit, Erin opens her arms to all who are in need of her wisdom. I feel comfortable approaching and confiding in her with my health questions or concerns. Not only has she been accepting and trustful, but she is a well of knowledge and a container of innovative/up-to-date health information!
I believe her lifestyle and practices speak for itself; she’s truly passionate in her work and this emanates from the inside out.
The part she plays in others’ worlds, as well as our world as a whole is appreciated. The ways in which she approaches her life’s pursuits is also to be admired, as I’m sure she inspires and creates space for many to become healthier versions of themselves... thank you for being a living example that shows us what healthier pathways look like and then illuminating it for us to step into..
— Amber, Boston

In short my visit was amazing! Erin made the whole experience extremely easy. I came into it with a goal in mind and thanks to Erin’s work I was able to hit my target. I lost 13 pounds in two months. The best part was I did not feel like I was suffering from the diet. This was the first time I was able to fully commit to a set diet plan. Erin was always there to answer questions and provide support. As far as my personal nutrition goes, I will never go to anyone else for advice and help.
— Will, Boston

Erin is without a doubt one of the most concentrated and dedicated nutrition/wellness coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It is obvious from her continued commitment to research and education that she has placed herself into a position to make herself time and time again a valuable contributor and leader in the wellness field.
As a former athlete and busy professional, I asked Erin to put together a meal plan for me that would allow me to maintain a high protein diet, support my active lifestyle and also not yield a long preparation time. Erin was able to implement a meal plan and diet schedule that not only met, but exceeded my expectations. The information and structure she provided for me allowed me to adjust my diet without demanding a large alteration in my lifestyle. With her personalized understanding and application of my needs, and the experience I had with Erin, I would readily and highly suggest her to anyone looking for a motivation and committed wellness trainer.
— Bobby, Northborough

I haven’t smoked a cigarette for 6 months. Honesty might be the most important aspect of her line of work, and it’s not always easy communicating that with people who might be feeling susceptible. Erin however, has always handled it like a seasoned professional.
I can’t thank her enough for her thoughtfulness and availability. If you want to be inspired and hooked on a healthy lifestyle that is designed to help anyone, consult Erin. Her energy alone will empower and motivate you to never give up.
— Josh, Missouri

I lost roughly 20 pounds just from her guidance of trying to eat more food ! She gave me great options and always had an alternative if I had a craving. She created a meal plan specific for my needs with food I LIKED!. Besides creating an easy to follow, true to my food preferences, and helpful food plan, she has always been there when I need her. If I cheat or want a substitute, she answers me right away, that is why Erin is special. Her ability to give me substitutes or help me when I cheat is what has kept me on my plan.
She is kind, caring, strong, compassionate, and intelligent. You are not a number to her, you are a person who wants to change for the better. Please, take my UTMOST recommendation for Erin. Whatever your goals are, she can help you! She has been my sole guidance in both losing fat and gaining muscle. If you are looking for a change or just need to take control of your health, she is the perfect person for you!
— Kelly, New Hampshire

More than anything Erin provided me with the guidance and knowledge to make informed decisions about the meals I am eating and how to get the best performance out of my body. I would recommend Erin’s services to anyone from the person looking to lose weight to the person who wants to make a conscience decision to eat healthier and feel better to the athlete looking to get the most out of their training.
— Justin, Boston

Erin has been the best part of my journey to relearn healthy habits when it comes to nutrition. Erin’s approach is all encompassing as she doesn’t limit her studies to the chemistry of our metabolisms or the psychological relationship people have to food. She instead uses her sharp people skills to learn what motivates and supports you all while giving you impeccable nutrition counseling.
Erin early on identified that I’m most likely to adopt new ideas when I understand the science behind them, meaning she’s sent me research journal articles and explained concepts. That coupled with the nutrition guidelines she provided for me has led me to lose 40 pounds over this last year. But if you can believe it, the numbers really aren’t what make me proud of my work with Erin. Today I stand before you able to take care of my body, nurture it, appreciate it, and honestly love it for the first time in my life.
It took a lot of work to get to that point. Erin noticed that I didn’t trust my body to handle the slip-ups I might have in my diet. I would get so worked up over cravings or missing a gym session which was depleting a lot of my energy to deal with my very busy life. She gave such insightful “assignments” outside of my nutritional goals or meal ideas which helped me dive into this issue and grow my trust in myself. She honestly has helped me become a stronger person, and you won’t go wrong working with her.
— Emily, Boston
Erin showed me real and practical steps to take to reach any fitness goal I wanted, stretching far beyond a several week plan. She is encouraging when I am feeling frustrated from a bad workout, patient when I ask the same nutrition question over and over, and passionate about her work and the lasting success of those she helps. I am forever grateful for all of the help she has given me.
— Cam, New Hampshire